The Philosophy of

One day, our sun–the star which provides us with the light and warmth we need to live–will die, and the earth–our home–will die along with it. Every structure we have built, everything we have created, every word we have written, will die with them as burnt cinders encircling a dead star.

Only if we have found solutions to those eventualities, by either learning how to replenish our sun or by venturing out into space far behind our celestial crib, can we hope that our legacies will endure.

All our hopes and dreams of the future begin in our imaginations.

The future of the human race is largely dependent upon its collective imagination. We can imagine the problems, solutions and wonders we will encounter now and into the future. Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories.” We agree, although we would also include fantasy, horror and the bizarre into the mix. Far too often, creative authors have foreseen the things that politicians remained ignorant of.

Beyond that, imaginative stories have the power to inspire us, to push us forward. They reveal our deepest passions, our innermost dreams and our greatest fears.

Genre stories are not mere trivial pursuits. They are more than just amusements and distractions from the realities of the day. Many times, they reflect a deeper reality than we are inclined to admit. They can shift our understanding of the world around us in new directions. Timeless tales can transcend ideologies, nationalities, languages and other things which tend to keep us apart. Good stories can enlighten us, broaden our understanding, bring us together and move us all forward.

In his famous poem, Langston Hughes pondered “What happens to a dream deferred?” We’d rather wonder “What happens to a dream inspired?” It is those inspired dreams that will spur innovation and progress.

Read. Write. Dream. is dedicated to exhibiting exceptional stories that will inspire our dreams and imaginations to carry us into the future.

And to also throw in a bit of fun for good measure.