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H The Killing of Angels

Contains nudity. Sorry, no pictures.


H Before Me

Sometimes a beautiful woman is all the sustenance you need... or can have.


# H The Man Who Sank

Just how solid is the ground beneath your feet?


# H Chocolate Ex-Lax Cake and the Sucker Man

Family secrets are revealed after a visit from a most unusual houseguest.


H The Devil’s Footprints

Based on a true story.


H My Children

He always seemed like such a quiet man, never bothered anyone, kept to himself.


! H Brotherly Love

A helpful gift from a loving half-sister prompts her half-brother to return the favor.


H The Horror in the Monkey-Squeezing Room

What could really be going on in that room?


H The Corpse-Carrier

Never trust shifty people giving you directions on desolate roads at night.


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