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H Morning Amusement

The torment of eternal resurrection for the amusement of others.


H In the Mind of the Screaming Clown

A clown with a problem finds an unconventional solution.


H A Tasty Dish

The Short Fiction Winner in Our 2005 Halloween Writing Contest! Don’t turn a blind eye, or you might miss something in this exciting tale!


H The Paper Boy

A young boy must deal with his own creation.


C H Hiding in Plain Sight

He’s right there... Can’t you see Him?


H Tight Budgets

Surviving on a very tight budget.


H The New Girl

John sets his eyes on the new girl in town.


H Marvin Knows

Marvin believes he knows God’s Truth, and shows the unfaithful the light.


# H Women Will Want You

The perils of dating in the modern age.


C H Weep Not for the Dead!

The title says it all for this classic poem.


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