Fantasy Stories on

F Catalytic Poltergeist

A con woman is conned by her partner into helping a family with their poltergeist problem.


F The Swan

An ugly duckling comes across an unexpected visitor.


F Fallen

Where can you run when your enemy’s presence is everywhere?


F Smoking Dragon

Telemarketers, beware...


C F Evening Music of the Angels

For best results, read this pleasant poem at the end of your working day.


F The Love Shift

Just when you think you know your own spouse...


F I S. J. Reisner Interview

Interview with S.J. Reisner on her debut novel, Left Horse Black.


F Left Horse Black Excerpt

Excerpt from S.J. Reisner’s new novel, Left Horse Black.


# F It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a child, but only one idiot to undo it.


F Beginnings

A young man faces a dark challenge and a new beginning.


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