Fantasy Stories on

C F To the Past

Some thoughts on the past as we begin the new year.


C F The Close of the Year

A poem to close out the year.


# F Tricks of Tikal

Could you survive as a social outcast in Tikal?


F Fai...Ferry Tale

And you thought getting off the island would be the end of your troubles...


F Twilight Pantoum

Dancers prance naked beneath the trees. Illustrated... not!


F I Virginia G. McMorrow Interview

An interview with Virginia G. McMorrow, author of the Tuldamoran Mage trilogy and Firewing’s Journey.


F Chance Met in Capua

A desperate woman is forced to make a difficult decision.


F Freelance Pallbearer

Is Mr. Beige losing his touch?


F The Not So Final Resting Place Blues

A dead rock star learns another life lesson.


F Drifters

An aging man sees a mysterious woman in his living room who cannot see him and whom no one else can see.


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