SF The Perfect Plan

Editor’s Foreword

The first rule of villainy: Never tell your intended victim what you plan to do. It rarely works out in your best interests.

Being approximately the size of a flea was a disadvantage for Ungluck and his kind. They were a war-loving race, always looking for the next fight, the next spill of blood. But because of their tiny stature, they could only fight amongst themselves. No other race was small enough to attack.

On their planet, Mintar, at least three wars raged at any given time. At the present, however, a truce had been declared. The Mintarians unexpectedly found they had a new conquest, some other race to attack. They had bigger fish to fry! Ungluck had contrived a plan which was so diabolical and yet so simple that all Mintarians were excited by the prospect. This plan involved taking over a planet in another galaxy; a large planet populated by giants. Through tireless research, Ungluck had ascertained that the inhabitants of this planet, Earth, were highly susceptible to a certain Mintarian talent. This weakness would spell disaster for the human race.

That is why, on a Sunday morning, Ungluck could be found in a small house on Earth. The house’s occupant, Guy Mills, was home alone. Guy didn’t believe in aliens from other planets, until Ungluck introduced himself.

“I am Ungluck.” The alien proclaimed in a commanding voice, using the English he had learned in preparation. “You are defenseless against me!”

All Guy heard was a buzzing, which he ignored.

Ungluck, realizing the problem, turned on the voice amplifier in his personal galaxy craft. In truth, for his plan to work, he didn’t need to communicate with his victim. It was just more fun that way. He cranked up the amplifier and repeated, “I am Ungluck. You are defenseless against me!”

Guy heard him this time. “Who’s there?” he demanded.

“I am a being from another galaxy.” Ungluck replied. “I am very small, but don’t let that fool you. I have concocted the perfect plan to take over your world. I will simply fly up your nose, imbed myself onto your brain stem, and take control of your every word and action. Our race can control certain other creatures’ minds. Your Earthling brain is susceptible to our talents. You will be unable to defend yourself.”

Guy was speechless. He didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. Was this some kind of joke? He regained his voice and asked, “How are you going to take over the world using only me?”

“Oh, you are just the start…the guinea pig. Right now, millions of Mintarians are poised to enter human nostrils. As soon as I get comfortable in your brain stem, I will command the attack.”

Ungluck was primed for invasion. He gleefully jammed the thrusters to full speed and steered unfailingly towards Guy’s left nostril.

Guy was horrified to feel a sudden tickle in his nose. Fortunately, for him and the entire planet, Ungluck had overlooked one important detail, a human involuntary response. The last sound the alien heard before he plummeted to his death was AHHHCHOOO!


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Amy Tripp is a wife, mother, office manager and amateur writer. She works mostly on children’s stories, but writes occasional teen and adult science fiction.


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