H The New Girl

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That’ll teach her to wash her hair with fruity-smelling shampoo.

When John first saw Pauline, he knew he had to have her.

Like all successful suitors, he studied his next conquest carefully, never letting on to the extent of his fascination. After all, it wouldn’t do to tip his hand too early. The last thing he wanted was to have her spurn him out of fear of the unknown.

Within a week, John knew everything that Pauline did and everywhere she went. By the second week he was able to beat her to all her appointments. By week three Pauline began to notice John as he slowly turned on the charm, making his play.

It was the longest John had ever chased a woman but he knew she would be worth it. She had beautiful, shapely legs, and long arms ending in delicate fingers. He could hardly wait to touch her.

Within the month, John was in heaven. Not only was Pauline intrigued enough to start up a friendship, but she had agreed to come over for dinner! John’s dreams had come true. Supper was fabulous–the best meal he ever had. Pauline was as delicious as he expected her to be.


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Mike Aragona is a writer of fiction. His superhero parody books (The Mysterious Minute-Men) are readily available on Amazon and will strike a chord with anyone who grew up with the Adam West Batman television show.


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