H Living Under the Cloud

Editor’s Foreword

Even the underworld has been affected by inflation. Now it costs two oboli instead of just one. Remember the good ol’ days when it only cost a family one sixth of a drachma? Now it’s a full third drachma! Must be Alan Greenspan’s fault.

I’ve got your two coins so take me across the river to the other–side,
I’ll give you one now until we reach the middle because I just might
change my mind.

I settled my debt to life with my last breath, paid for these
trespasses in regret, but what return do I give those I’ve left behind
and let down. In these moving waters, my reflection drowns.

I swallow my own tears, these crystal tragedies that encase fallen
memories of all those temporary years. In these channels where we’ll
make our exchange, living under the cloud...Shore, the only witness
watching as the boatman and I drift away.

Now the 2nd coin I place in your hand, the last part of myself to
give. I can say at least I received what I asked for, that I wanted to
be outlived. I’ve never felt so mortal even though now I am
indifferent to life. So fierce arms of death be kind and gather me so
I may go unto my grave in peace.


About the Author

Steven Lafitte is from Mansfield, Louisiana and is a musician, magician, song writer and poet. This is his first poem published on any site on the Internet and hopes to continue to have many more published as well. Plans for a novel are brewing...Stay tuned.


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