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2017 August 16, Wednesday

Writers Guidelines for
Last Updated 28 January 2010
Editor: Dan C. Rinnert
SORRY. We are currently CLOSED to submissions. Please check again soon.


We are looking for quality Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Bizarre flash, short stories and poetry. We are open to all types of stories within those genres: hard or soft science fiction, light or dark horror and fantasy, serious or humorous, etc. Christian or religious-themed stories, experimental fiction and genre-crossing stories are all acceptable so long as they fall within one of our three genres. What’s most important is that it’s a quality story with a logical plotline and interesting characters.

We prefer stories without explicit sex, graphic violence or excessive use of offensive language.

No fan fiction!

We are open to poetry that fits within the aforementioned genres.

We accept stories from both published and new writers.

We strongly prefer stories under 3,500 words, but we will accept stories as long as 7,500. We are very interested in stories of approximately 250 words or less, and will purchase quality stories of this length most frequently.


Please query before submitting your work.

Please structure the Subject header of your eMail as shown below:

    Subject: SF QUERY
    Subject: FANTASY QUERY
    Subject: HORROR QUERY
    Subject: BIZARRE QUERY

Your query must include the title of the work you wish to submit, the type of work (short story, poem, etc.), the length of the work (approximate word count) and a brief description. You may query for up to five (5) works in the same genre in a single eMail.

You may send queries to: editor 2005 AT science fiction fantasy horror DOT com.


We accept electronic submissions only. Please query before submitting your work. Your submission must include your legal name, mailing address, eMail address, the title of your work, the estimated word count and your preferred byline.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions, serialized stories or novel excerpts at this time. We also do not accept previously published works.*

    *If you are a writer who has been published with us, we may be open to republishing previously published works by you. Payment rates published below not applicable to previously published works. Contact us to discuss.

Please structure the Subject header of your eMail as shown below:

    Subject: SF SUB: [Title of Work] [approx. word count]
    Subject: FANTASY SUB: [Title of Work] [approx. word count]
    Subject: HORROR SUB: [Title of Work] [approx. word count]
    Subject: BIZARRE SUB: [Title of Work] [approx. word count]

You may send submissions to: editor 2005 AT science fiction fantasy horror DOT com.


Please send your story as an attachment to your eMail message. We can accept the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word document (.doc)
  • Apple Pages document (.pages)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Plain ASCII Text (.txt)
  • Plain* HTML (.html or .htm) (*no tables, css, Flash, JavaScript, etc.)

Microsoft Word documents (.doc) and Apple Pages documents (.pages) are generally the most reliable.

We prefer single-spaced documents with a blank line separating paragraphs, but double-spaced documents are also acceptable. A 10-point or 12-point serif font (such as Courier or Times) is best.

We can not accept files from other word processing applications (such as WordPerfect) in their native format. You must export to one of the formats listed above.

If you have queried for, and we have asked for, multiple stories, please send each in a separate eMail message.

Please note that it is also helpful if you indicate your payment preference (see options below) with your submission.


Please provide a short biography that you would like us to use with your work. You may include link(s) or your eMail address if desired. We reserve the right to remove links to sites that, at our sole discretion, are offensive, inappropriate or seemingly in violation of any law.

If you have your own author’s web site or blog, please list their titles and URLs if you want them listed on our site. It is not necessary to include them within the text of your bio. You can also provide your links on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter.

If you would like to include a PayPal link to your valid PayPal account where readers may voluntarily send you a contribution for your work, you may do so.


We will seek your approval before making any significant modifications (grammar, spelling, length, etc.) to your work, but we reserve the right to make minor modifications (fixing typos, correcting spelling errors, minor grammatical errors, etc.) without notification.

We will make an effort to reach you by eMail before making any changes to your work, but we do not want to hold up publication in the event that there’s an obvious typo or other minor defect and you are unreachable.


We purchase First Electronic Rights with a six-month term and non-exclusive rights to keep your work in our online archives after that. After the initial six-month term, you may withdraw permission for continued use at any time as detailed in our publication contract.

  • $.05/word for works up to 250 words.
  • Plus $.01/word for works up to 1,500 words.
  • Plus $.005/word over 1,500 words.
  • Minimum payment: $7.50


  • 100 words ........ $ 7.50
  • 250 words ........ $12.50
  • 500 words ........ $15.00
  • 1,000 words ..... $20.00
  • 1,500 words ..... $25.00
  • 2,500 words ..... $30.00
  • 3,500 words ..... $35.00
  • 5,000 words ..... $42.50
  • 7,500 words ..... $55.00

Payment for poetry is also based on word count at the same rates.

For writers wishing to sell All Rights to their work, we pay under the following schedule.

  • $.10/word for works up to 250 words.
  • Plus $.05/word over 250 words.
  • Minimum payment: $15.00


  • 100 words ........ $15.00
  • 250 words ........ $25.00
  • 500 words ........ $32.50
  • 1,000 words ..... $62.50
  • 1,500 words ..... $87.50
  • 2,500 words ... $137.50
  • 3,500 words ... $187.50
  • 5,000 words ... $262.50
  • 7,500 words ... $387.50

Payment for poetry is also based on word count at the same rates.

Payment will be made after receipt of signed contract from the author and prior to publication. Payment will be made in U.S. dollars by a mailed check (U.S. and Canadian residents only) or to a valid PayPal account. These are the only two methods of payment we can currently offer.


After receipt of the signed contract and prior to publication, should we opt not to publish your work, we will pay a 100% kill fee, unless we are not publishing your work because you violated the terms of our agreement, in which case no kill fee will be paid.


Queries: We will try to respond to all queries as quickly as possible, but please allow up to two (2) weeks for a response.

Submissions: Please allow up to two (2) weeks for a response for shorter works (2,500 words or less) and up to four (4) weeks for longer works (more than 2,500 words).


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