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2017 July 24, Monday

Marvin Knows
by Mike Aragona
First published online on 2005 September 08.
Editor’s Foreword
Do you want Marvin to show you the light?
SFFH: Article

Marvin waited patiently for the service to end. The Lord waited for no man, he knew. But Man must always wait for The Lord. Marvin was used to waiting and it didn’t bother him at all. He understood that The Lord was a busy deity. With the millions of people on the earth screaming for his attention, Marvin knew he just had to wait his turn. And so, he continued to listen to the Preacher, wondering how close he was with The Lord.

Marvin had to suppress a chuckle. He just couldn’t help but snicker whenever he watched them from the pews, or the benches, or chairs. Pastors, Preachers, Priests, whichever denomination they were, they all worshipped the same God. Only, they were too full of themselves to acknowledge it!

That’s why The Lord spoke to Marvin. Marvin’s mission was to seek out all those who didn’t understand and reveal the Truth to them. He loved his job. He considered himself their personal chauffeur to The Lord. He knew he could make them see the Way, the Truth, the light. Whenever he came to them, their faces would always light up with knowledge as their eyes opened wide, reflecting his headlights.


Mike Aragona, former Line Editor of Scarlet Rose Productions, is currently running Comicopia The Comics Fanzine (celebrating 15 years of publication in 2005) and has been a panelist on numerous media conventions speaking on Writing, Self-publishing, and Apas. A big fan and supporter of Canadian talent, he was on the nominating panel for the Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards–The Shusters–and continues to plot ways of bringing his creator-owned work (The Mysterious Minute-Men) to the world at large. Mike and his beautiful wife Chantale welcomed their first child in July 2005. He hopes the baby, Kyle Ethan, will also become a comic fan like his son James and daughter Melyssa. Casey the Wonder Puppy could not be reached for comment.

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